Evolving Collective Rights Management for Author, Publisher and User Needs

I’ve updated my somewhat nerdy “history of collective licensing” essay that was published by CCC with contributions from fellow essayist Bruce Rich and Lois Wasoff (see “Creating Solutions Together” ), and was happy to see the update published by Law.com on June 3 in its Legaltechnews newsletter.

The update addressed technological change and adaptation by copyright law and collective management organizations, and discussed new specific user needs such as in creating data sets for artificial intelligence and text-data mining exercises. Collective blanket licenses are particularly appropriate for such high-volume automated requirements. CCC in particular has worked to make TDM licensing efficient and effective.

To paraphrase the English copyright advocate Charles Clark, ‘the answer to technological challenge is technological adaptation’.

The Future of Collective Licensing – Copyright in the Digital Marketplace

By permitting researchers, academics, publishers and others to make use of copyrighted materials and enabling rightsholders to receive royalties for those uses, collective licensing creates efficient markets that make copyright work.